We get asked a few common questions about our products and services so we’ve put together a list of some of the the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question here, if not, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Do you offer international postage?
Yes. We offer international postage on most products. International shipping will be displayed in the checkout if it is available in your location, costs vary depending on the products.

Are medals in the mounted sets in any particular order?
Yes, the order is very important. The order of medals is called the “Order of Wear”, this is the correct way medals should be worn on a uniform, as some medals have seniority over others. This does not mean the medals are any less important. At Medal Mania we will always mount our medals in the correct order of wear.

Do you have spare butterfly clasps?
Yes, we sell bags of silver, gold or mixed butterfly clasps, you can select your colour before you buy them here.

I have scuffed the front of my enamel ribbon, can it be polished?
We don’t offer repairs on badges however it is possible to polish the surface of the badge yourself. Apply a little nail polish remover to a cotton wool pad or ball and gently rub the surface of the enamel ribbon. This should help to polish the enamel surface and make the badge look its best.

You don’t sell my medal, will you be getting it?
We don’t stock every medal ribbon. We are always looking for new medal ribbons to stock if demand for them is high enough. You can contact us and let us know which medal you would like us to stock in the future.

I would like a custom medal or badge, is this possible?
It is possible for us to make a bespoke badge design or one off medal ribbon, however the price is significantly higher for one off items. If you would like to send your artwork to us at info@medalmania.co.uk we can provide you with a quote normally within 2-3 working days.